How will renewable energy create jobs?

Energy is the single major resources that is being used to drive the global economy, according to newton every action has an equal and opposite reaction and hence this development comes at the cost of global climate crisis. mitigation of global warming and related issues needs decarbonizing the present energy grid which we rely on for our homes and industries. according to The International renewable energy agency (IRENA) global renewable energy adoption by at least a factor of six – critical to meeting energy-related emissions. This article is to identify the potential jobs, and these are the “GREEN JOBS”.

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How will decarbonizing provide jobs?

The big answer to this question is Infra structure development.

Imagine a situation where all of us drive electric cars or hydrogen powered cars this means, we need a huge charging infrastructure wherein a network of high tension underground cables must be laid also the present grid has to be upgraded to handle bulk power. As power generation is one of the major cause for co2 emission new wind farms and solar parks must be constructed to satisfy the rising power demand, since there is a mismatch in generation and utilization storage is essential which also comes with its own pros and cons.

Transportation sector is a huge sector where 19% of the world population is either directly or indirectly is involved in this sector, at present there are over 1.5billion vehicles in the world, replacing all those will need huge manufacturing capacity, man power, investment, new green transportation technology which is a mighty task ahead, this industry has the potential to provide new jobs and over the period an year the automobile sector has seen a significant growth rate in many of the developing countries like India and china which are markets which has a big share in global market, they contribute to majority of the greenhouse gas emission.

Also new jobs will be created in power sector since a larger number of thermal power plants will be decommissioned, these jobs will be in construction, commencing, operation and maintenance of power plants where the field of engineering, policy formulation, finance will ramp up. The next generation power plants include projects like ITER (international thermonuclear experimental reactor). The present path of green energy and sustainable is moving at a very slow pace, this must be accelerated to at least six-times the current growth according to IRENA to have a healthy job market and a good environment.


Industries that are going to bloom due to renewable energy and decarbonization

  • Power sector – R&D in fusion reactors, thorium-based reactors and high capacity power plants.
  • Manufacturing sector – battery, Ev’s, solar cell, wind turbines.
  • Service sector – engineering (design, construction, maintenance), finance, manual labors.
  • New Research in energy efficiency, advanced nuclear reactors.

Mining and recycling and related technologies and industries


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