INDIA is betting on new and advanced technology in the field of transportation, recently The Maharashtra Chief Minister and representatives from the State Government paid a visit to the hyperloop test site in the Nevada Desert and even saw a live test of the futuristic transport system.

Virgin Hyperloop One will be building a 15 km-long hyperloop demonstration track between Mumbai and Pune at an estimated cost of Rs 3,000 crore. The complete investment of making this demonstration track will be borne by Virgin Hyperloop One. It can reach speeds up to 1,000 kmph and will also connect the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai airports. The high-capacity passenger and cargo hyperloop route will eventually support 150 million passenger trips annually, saving more than 90 million hours of travel time and providing citizens with greater opportunities and social and economic mobility.

According to PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority), three lakh commuters and 1.10 lakh vehicles including 80,000 buses and 6,000 cars, travel between the two cities daily. The futuristic hyperloop technology has pledged to cover the distance in 25 minutes with 5,000 commuters travelling in one direction per hour.

“I am incredibly excited to see this Pune-Mumbai hyperloop project go from a vision to reality as it starts detailed planning. The opportunity is enormous – to connect 26 million people with access to affordable infrastructure that will unlock significant economic and social value,” commented Richard Branson. “It is an honor to work with the State of Maharashtra and its key stakeholders, sharing their vision to transform not only transportation but wider society.”



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